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Sing2Piano produce piano backing tracks for your favorite vocal songs. Subscribe to our channel and follow us on Instagram/TikTok to be up with the latest vids & releases!

Q: Can I use S2P tracks for my YouTube or social media covers? A: We love seeing our tracks used on YouTube & social media! In most cases you won't have any problems, you just won't be able to monetise your video. Read more about YouTube & social media uses at

Q: Can I distribute my S2P cover version to iTunes/Spotify ? A: You can obtain a license. Email

Q: Can I use S2P tracks for my audition on X Factor/Got Talent/Idol? A: Email us to check if we have a licensing agreement with the TV network.

Q: Do you have sheet music? A: Yes, but there is currently a limited selection. Check out what we have available at

Read more FAQs at